Router and Tenon Milling Machine

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Description: Router and Tenon Milling Machine

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1.800mm(L) x 1.700mm(A) x 1.500mm (P) | 1.800mm(W) x 1.700mm(H) x 1.500mm (D) | 1.800mm(A) x 1.700mm(A) x 1.500mm (P)

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30 days

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Faremac Máquinas





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Diego Andreghetti





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7:30 am | 5:00 pm

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Máquinas e equipamentos | Machinery and equipment | Maquinaria y equipos

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The Router and Tenon Joint Milling Machine is intended for segments that use wood as a raw material, such as furniture factories in general, packaging manufacturers, among others.

The Faremac FU2600 can be used for all woodworking products where fittings or joints are required.


- Locking anchor over large surface areas ensures tensile strength even with weaker materials;

- Quick installation: Inserting instead of screwing or gluing means no need to wait for the adhesive to dry;

- Optimizes production processes, increasing company productivity;

- Tool free assembly installation;

- Attachments can be removed from the profile groove for surface treatment without causing wear;

- Invisible furniture assembly: no accessories or perforations appear on the furniture;

- Eliminates screws and bolts;

- Final assembly of the furniture can be done directly by the customer, reducing freight volumes;

- Versatility to create different types of fittings;

- Solution for assembly of drawers;

- Can be integrated with barcode reader to facilitate programming setup.


Equipped with a high frequency Spindle motor pantograph head assembly, the mill allows different types of joints. The machine has tools suitable for producing finger joint, grips and spikes. In addition, it is possible to program other types of fitting that fit the model of the part to be machined. Locking and unlocking of parts takes place by means of a pneumatic cylinder, driven by an electric pedal. The part milling head is advanced through a servo motor driven ball screw with X and Y axis displacement, including interpolation to perform radii or bends in the machined channel. The machine has a touchscreen control panel that facilitates its operation. You can also get average daily productivity information, maintenance warnings, tool change and other features that can be customized to meet the needs of each customer. The milling machine works both the top of the parts and its face. The workpiece is positioned horizontally on the machine and the milling head is rotated 90 ° to position for machining on the wood face or 0 ° for machining on the wood top.

It is useful in producing parallel joints in drawers, various furniture designs and shapes, beverage boxes, cigar boxes, gift boxes, beekeeping boxes, etc.

The milling machine replaces the use of metal hardware, dowels, glue, screws and other fasteners.

The machine has been produced in accordance with regulatory standards NR12 - Safety at Work in Machines and Equipment and NR10 - Safety and Electricity.

Technical Data

Machine Dimensions:

Width: 1800mm

Height: 1700 mm

Depth: 1500mm

Technical Data:

Minimum thickness of pieces: 12 mm

Maximum thickness of pieces: 60 mm

Useful width of main table: 800 mm

Max. Machining distance from workpiece edge: 45 mm

Working height: 950 mm

Maximum cutter diameter: 20 mm

Engine Rotation Speed: 18000 RPM

Feeding speed: 10 m / min

Weight: 740 kg

Installed power: 3 kw

Main motor power: 2 kw

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