About us

Technological innovation to develop the best products in the market

FAREMAC Máquinas produces machinery and equipment for the furniture, metallurgical, industrial laboratories and product certifiers industries. The company also works with the manufacture of customized products, meeting the specific demands of customers from various segments and sectors. 

Since 2010, FAREMAC has been committed to developing technological solutions to enhance the quality of its customers' industrial processes. 

Headquartered in Flores da Cunha, the company serves the entire national territory and works with the export of machinery. Consolidated among the main industries in the machine manufacturing segment, it is recognized for the quality and excellence of its production line. 

FAREMAC's engineering team is qualified to develop custom machines and equipment to meet the unique needs of each company. The products made by the brand are of quality, reliability and comply with the certification standards.

Company short name: Faremac Máquinas


Year established: 2010

Number of employees: 5

Business type: Fabricação máquinas e equipamentos para as indústrias moveleira, metalúrgica, laboratórios industriais e certificadores de produto.

Foreign market revenue in percentage: 1%

Automatic Claw Nut Applicator

US$5,880.00 - US$6,720.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
Manual Claw Nut Applicator

US$1,428.00 - US$1,644.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
Chair Upholstery Stretching Press

US$2,724.00 - US$3,480.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
Chair Stapling Press

US$1,644.00 - US$1,968.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
Pneumatic Table for Upholstery

US$2,940.00 - US$3,578.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
Chair Testing Machine

US$16,440.00 - US$19,680.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
Mattress Scroll Test

US$21,840.00 - US$27,240.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
Parts Floating Table

US$3,480.00 - US$7,800.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
Heating Greenhouse

US$6,720.00 - US$8,880.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
Automatic Glue Applicator for Seats and Foams

US$16,440.00 - US$19,920.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
V-Groove Milling Machine for Corian

US$32,400.00 - US$40,440.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
Router and Tenon Milling Machine

US$31,680.00 - US$39,120.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas
P-System Lamello Milling Machine

US$20,760.00 - US$48,840.00

Supplied by Faremac Máquinas